Because in you can sail between stunning islands and atolls, where the sea is so clean that your boat seems to float on air rather than water, and the sand of the beach is bright white and also gold, and where, island after island, you can leave Belize and reach the jems of Mexico like Cozumel or Roatan in Honduras.

Because in the calm peninsula of Placencia you can enjoy an evening, a dinner or a party in a magic spot where the lagoon meet the mountains at the sunset and the sea is calm and clear at the sunrise.

Because there is an ancient culture which is still a mystery for humans.

Because you can enjoy a magnificent temple of Maya and probably you will be the only tourist.

Because you can sail to a stunning wild island with clear blue water and white sandy beach and you are alone with your lover or your family.

Because we can hire an island for your special event or marriage, just for you.

Because in Belize you can have a BIG Game fishing day and try to catch the a big marlin or a jack or tarpon and many others , and because we can serve you delicious local fish just catch.

Because you can trek in the jungle and see the jaguar and many beautiful animals in their habitat.

Because Belize is very well preserved country.

Because the food in Belize is without preservatives and OGM.

Because in Belize we care about environment and nature.

Because we have the second biggest barrier reef after great Reef of Australia.


And Because …….Belize it or not …….Belize is simply MAGIC.