Whale Shark in Gladden Split

Gladden Spit
Gladden Spit is a protected marine reserve in the central part of Belize’s Barrier Reef. The Gladden Spit Marine Reserve is located due south of Hamansi in the southern region of the barrier reef. The spit has a short sloping shelf that drops off steeply at about 40–2000 meters in depth within 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) of the reef.
The reserve contains some of the healthiest parts of the reef system due to its elevation and good water quality. Gladden Spit hosts over 25 species of reef fish that aggregate to spawn. Gladden Split is the only place where you can dive with whale shark and encounter huge school of spawning fish at same time.
Since the 1920th, Local fishermen recount the stories Hopkins fisherman who congregated at the “Spit” during the ten day period of the full moon between March and June. During these fishing trips fishermen watched a “white-milky’ mass substance in the water and whale sharks swimming through the clouded waters. The team of scientists in 1997 confirmed that the snappers came together to spawn, that the whale sharks — filter feeders — had come to feed on the eggs.  This is the only place worldwide where this activity is known to occur.
In 2001, the feeding site of the whale sharks was declared a special protected zone and co-managed by the Fisheries Department and a local NGO, “Friends of Nature.”
The Whale Shark Season in Belize normally begins about 2 days before the full moon up until 10 days after in the months of March, April, May and June.

Program daily from Placencia from March to June

After breakfast at your resort move to the pier for another exciting day in Belize.
After 26 miles of cruise, about 1 hor and 30 minutes we will reach the spot where the whale sharks are often diving. Two whale shark snorkel encounters are attempted with lunch on the boat and an opportunity for some very nice snorkeling near the reef during the lunch interval.
This trip is one of the most exciting experience in the world you could ever have.
Here in Belize you can do it.
Tell your friends about Belize when you get home. Tell your friend about the unBelizeable experiences you had in Belize.
Back to the pier in the afternoon and goodbye.

Level: Easy, must be brave to see swim with this amazing big animal.

Duration: From 9am to 4 pm
What to bring: Sun protection, swimwear, camera. Equipment will be provide by us.