The Great Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole is located to Lighthouse Reef, about 70 kilometres off the coast of Belize, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. Considered one of the best diving sites in the world, the Blue Hole was a limestone cave that started to form about 150,000 years ago. Looking from above, the dark blue color shows a great depth up to 124 meters. The hole has a circular shape and it is 300 meters wide. Ideal place for diving lovers, it has clear waters and a variety of flora and fauna. In the area there are also  many small islands or cays nearby that offer pristine beaches and unforgettable landscapes.

Shark Ray Alley and Hol Chan Marina Reseve
About 4 miles from San Pedro the Hol Chan Marine Reserve is the oldest marine reserve in Belize. The reserve is focus on a cut through the reef which is only 23 metres.
The reserve is divided in 4 area, the zone A is the reef where a large amounts of fish and corals are situated, the zone B is the seagrass bed, the zone c is the mangroves and the zone d is the shark alley.
Shark-Ray Alley is a recent discovered dive site selected as one of the best “animal dives” in the Caribbean. For years, local fishermen cleaned their catch inside the reef, and they soon noticed that the offal from cleaning fish was attracting Nurse Sharks and several Southern Sting Rays. The sharks and rays hear the boats approaching and wait that the bait is thrown into the water. These creatures have a great tolerance for divers and snorkelers. The rays swim directly towards the divers, mouths often turned up waiting for food.
Program day 1
Departure from Placencia in the morning after breakfast and move to the airstip of Placencia. Catch the first flight to Belize city. Flight take about 30 minutes. Once arrived you will take the connection to San Pedro. Here your guide is waiting for you to get you to your accomodation.
Once you leave your luggage in the hotel, you are ready for the amazing experiece in the Hol Chan Reserve Marine. We departure from the pier and 20 minutes later we are at the shark alley where we will do some snorkeling with the nurse sharks and a lot of jacks. Then we move to the reef where we will stop for another snorkeling tour.
Here you will swim with turtles and sea rays and many other corals reef. The reserve is absolutely beautiful and when you get home you will tell your friends about your experience with the sharks in the beautiful reef of Belize.
Back to the pier and transfer back to the hotel.
Program day 2
After a fresh tropical breaksfast move to the pier where the boat is waiting for you for a great experience in the Blue Hole of Jacques Custeau. Once arrived into the spot, take your tank and go deep into the magic blue water.
After the immersion, lunch on board and get back to San Pedro. Transfer to the airstrip, take the flight to Belize city and then the connection to Placencia.
Arrived in Placencia, our transfer will lead you to the hotel.

Level: Easy, must you have a padi licence to do this trip. In case you are not a diver you can do snorkeling.

Duration: 2 full days

What to bring: Sun protection, swimwear, water, snacks, camera. Equipment for snorkeling and diving is provided by us.