The Cockcomb Jaguar Reserve

One of the biggest protected areas in Belize is the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. The reserve worldwide considered one the most important site for Jaguar preservation was founded in 1990. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is a good example of tropical forest biodiversity where hundreds of species of plants, insects, birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians live together.
Is believed the Cockscomb host the highest numbers of jaguars in the world.

Program daily from Placencia
We will leave Placencia at 5 PM, we will reach the restaurant at the banana farm where we will have a light dinner and we will have a briefing with your guide who will tell you about the animal we are going to see in the reserve.After the quick dinner we are ready to reach the place where we will start our hiking to this amazing dark adventure.The headlights will be distribuited to each person.
In the reserve live tapirs, monkeys, various snakes including boa constrictors, frogs, spiders and crocodiles.
The most attractive and most difficult to see are obviously the jaguars and the other wildlife corridor of Belize which are ocelot, margai, jaguarondi.
Most of the animals are nocturnal, means that this is your chance to see animals on their habitat.
The sightings are not guaranteed for some animals but this is withouts dubts the most attractive excursion to see animals and live the real jungle life.

Level: Easy

What to bring: Water, trekking shoes, long pants, long sleeve t shirt, insect repellent, camera. Headlights are provided by our guide.

Duration : 5 pm to 12 pm