The Cave branch river system is a branch that contains of nine different caves in Belize. Explore ancient Mayan underworld pottery, artifacts, altars and ceremonial center. You can see the footprints of the priests and the Shaman that date back to the 400 – 500 century AD. You will really learn the history of the Mayan underworld.


After your tropical breakfast in Placencia, your guide pick you up at the hotel for another day of experience in Belize.
Once get the river by our car. You will experience a float tubing to get into the cave.
Here you will discover a new world, Mayan ancient potteries, artifacts and many other amazing thins you will see.
A pic nic lunch in the cave by the river is a fantastic experience you will never forget.
Be an ancient Mayan for one day and tell your friends when you back home.
In the evening back to Placencia and refresh in you hotel.
Level: Easy and family friendly.
What to bring: Water, trekking shoes, swim wear, pants, insect repellent, camera. Headlights are provided by our guide.

Duration : 6 am to 5 pm