This five kilometers deep cave is one of Belize’s biggest and most famous caves. This cave has lots of different Mayan pottery. The cave was one of the most popular burial sites in the Mayan culture. The cave contains stoneware, ceramics and skeletons that was left by the Mayans. The cave has a big amount of different chambers. In the cave you can see the “crystal maiden”, a teenager who was sacrificed in one of the chambers.
Program daily from Placencia

After your tropical breakfast in Placencia we head straight to the Hammingbird road who lead us to the magnificiente ATM cave.
On this long drive we will pass the banana farm and the citrus farm. You will see also the Maya Mountains on your left during all the way.
Once we get to the spot your guide will brief one more time before start in this amazing adventure.

Before reach the cave we will pass several creeks in the Tapir Mountain Reserve.
Once we get in the cave we will spend severaal hours exploring. This will include also climbing and swimming because in and outside the cave you will find water several times.
At one point we will reach the chambers of the artifacts. Here you have to be very carefull to don’t damage any of them.
Now is the time for the pocket lunch in the cave that our staff prepared for you.
After lunch get back straight to Placencia.

Level: Difficult. Required to be in a good fit. Also is required the ability to swim and to be comfortable with small spaces.

What to bring: Water, trekking shoes, river shoes, long pants or shorts, full change of clothes is required, insect repellent, camera. Headlights are provided by our guide.

Duration : 6 am to 6 pm