Day 1:

Upon your arrival a private transfer will pick you up and take you to your accommodation. Take a rest and relax after your journey at the Jungle Lodge Caves Branch, which is close to Belmopan and where you will stay tonight.
Accommodation: Jungle Lodge Caves Branch
Day 2:
Black Hole Drop
Today you are going to visit the Black Hole Drop. One of the most sensational activities you can do in Belize. Don’t be scared and let you down by ropes in the Black Hole Drop, meanwhile you are surrounded by an exotic and spectacular nature with all its sounds and particularities.
Accommodation: Jungle Lodge Caves Branch
Day 3:
Kayaking on the Sibun River
If you like water sports, today it is going to be your day! Embark on kayaks on the famous and impressing Sibun River, in the middle of the Jungle and kayak down the river. Let you inspire of the tranquillity and the flow around you.
Accommodation: Jungle Lodge Caves Branch
Day 4:
Horse Back Riding
On your fourth day you are going to have an unforgettable ride by horse. Ride through the beautifulness of the Jungle and enjoy your trip starting at the Banana Bank Lodge. Notice the unique plant life and all the animals never seen before. It is going to be funny!
Accommodation: Banana Bank Lodge
Day 5:
Visit of the Atchun Tunichil Muhal cave
Visit the ancient cave of Atchun Tunichil Muhal, which is situated in the western of Belize in the near of the Roaring Creek River. The Cave has more than 1000 years and is one of the most interesting archaeological discoveries of the zone.
Inside you will see ancient fragments of bones, stoneware and pieces of ceramic dishes of the antique Maya culture. Don’t miss this unforgettable experience!
Accommodation: Banana Bank Lodge
Day 6:
Mountain biking in Cayo
Mountain biking is on the order of today! Have a particular ride through the Cayo district next to the Mopan River, an amazing part of Belize. Go up hill, downhill, have some jumps and drops in this narrow and winding trails and paths, just a perfect area for this sport! After your ride you will be taken back to your accommodation.
Accommodation: Banana Bank Lodge
Day 7:
Diving at Hol Chan Marine Reserve
Today you will be picked up at your accommodation and accompanied to the stunning and charming Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Once arrived you are going to submerge in incredibly crystal clear and wonderful blue water. Let you enchant by the colours around you and enjoy this amazing underwater experience, meanwhile fishes, turtles and little sharks are passing through.
Accommodation: Hotel in San Pedro
Day 8:
Today is your last day. A private transfer will pick you up and accompany to the Belize City, where from you will leave this beautiful piece of earth.